I'VE BEEN TOUCHED (2008 Grotto)

by Yuppies

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released August 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Yuppies Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: Death Metal Dan
Death metal dan sits in the sewer
and waits for them,
waiting for the aliens or iron maiden
It's the sewer where he writes.
It's the sewer where he writes.
I have no cigarettes for you.
Track Name: Temp Education
Listen up kids i got something to say
take it or leave it
but you gotta take it anyway
not tryin to ruin your celebration
talking about my education
we are humans we can't think straight
both of us will burn in hell
I doubt i'll be saved
I can't stay here another day
gotta get away
I won't listen to a word you say
gotta get away
take it all away, make it all okay
gotta get away
Track Name: Bones
That body doesn't stand a chance
But it does know how to sin
That body vaporizes
When the steel hits the skin
You've lived a pointless life
Now live one for us
Go ahead and die
Cause we don't give a fuck

Here Come the Bones
We're going down
Cover your head

Now that we're here
We're never gonna leave
We're gonna destroy
Everything we see
Their different from us
They don't have a god
They don't even know
What's right from wrong

Here Come the Bones
We're going down
Cover your head